Different Types of Essiac Products

Essiac herbs have been used since 1922 by Nurse Rene Caisse. The herbs have essential ingredients to help support the immune system. Essiac products come in different forms. You can get the herbal powder, herbal capsules or even herbal tonics (extract).

You may consider the Essiac Vegicaps which are readily available in the market. These are capsules which can stay fresh for longer than the powder and extract formulas. The capsules are made from the original Essiac herbs and they are very ideal when you are travelling. The Essiac Vegicaps should be consumed on an empty stomach, that is, no food an hour before or after taking the capsules. They should never be given to infants.

 You can also consider the Essiac extract formula which is very easy to prepare because there is no mixing required. This concoction is also taken on an empty stomach and cannot be consumed by pregnant or nursing mothers. Infants are also not allowed to take Essiac products. The Essiac extract can last for two years if the bottle is not opened. However, an opened Essiac extract bottle can only sustain its freshness for approximately two weeks. Remember that it is important to follow a consistent regime if you want to maximize the benefits from taking Essiac products. You can also consider the Essiac powder which once prepared, tastes like herbal tea. After preparing the powder, you can sweeten it with honey.  The tea is prepared by mixing Essiac powder with clean water and then boiling it while stirring occasionally. The solution is removed from heat after 10 minutes and allowed to stand for 4 hours in order to enhance its potency. It is boiled again for 5 minutes and then removed from heat. It is then placed in a clean container and covered overnight. It can be refrigerated but should never be allowed to freeze. Essiac can also be used by pets, that is, cats and dogs. The Essiac formula that is made for pets is in capsule form. These capsules can be given to pets with a small amount of food or juice for ease of consumption. The capsules are more effective if given to pets an hour before or after meal