ESSIAC® Products

ESSIAC® is made only in Canada and is shipped worldwide.

Registered Trademark Registered Trademark Essiac Canada International is the only company with the legal rights to the ESSIAC® trademark name in Canada. The registered trademark is found immediately after the word "ESSIAC" on all ESSIAC® product labels.

Each form of ESSIAC® contains the exact ratios to Rene Caisse's formula.

Herbal quality

The herbs in ESSIAC® are grown specifically for Essiac Canada International which are harvested at peak times in order to ensure maximum botanical potency. ESSIAC® is produced to a pharmaceutical grade certification and is approved by Health Canada.

Good Manufacturing Practices

ESSIAC® is blended and bottled in a cGMP (certified good manufacturing practices) manufacturing facility. The storage and handling of the herbs is strictly controlled and regulated during the manufacturing process to ensure maximum strength, purity, and quality.