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ESSIAC® Capsules are made of the original ESSIAC ® formula. They are easy to use and are more convenient than the ESSIAC® Extract and ESSIAC® Powder formulas. The capsules can easily be opened and added to water.

Herbal Products Canada

ESSIAC ® is a world renowned herbal formula developed by Rene M. Caisse, a Canadian nurse. Since 1922, Nurse Caisse used her original herbal formula to help support the immune system.* Rene Caisse is world renowned for making significant contributions to the field of natural medicine.

The herbs used in ESSIAC® are grown without the use of pesticides and are not irradiated. ESSIAC ® is produced to a pharmaceutical grade certification.

TRU-PINE® is a proprietary Canadian Pine Bark Extract formula that is used in conjunction with ESSIAC® as an antioxidant to help protect against free radicals.*

TRU-PINE® is made from the original preparation given to Jacques Cartier and his men by the Native people of Canada in 1535-1536.

The proprietary TRU-PINE® formula is made of pine bark (Pinos strobus), rose hips fruit (Rosa canina) and Vitamin C. When combined, the ingredients are synergistically enhanced.

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